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BeginnerChildrenAcademy.com will help educating your child by making him more socially adaptive, faster and attentive. This Software helps children interactively, faster and extracts their responses optimally. It is a very good educational site. Gift for all Parents & Beginner School Instructors. Absolutely Free Enjoy! Each child has a different and unique level of intellectual. Parents and instructors can load their own courses based on natural disposition of their children. Very unique help for all stars. Please learn steps from Demo. Thanks so much!!

Run one of our example task for kid who learn how to pay attention (Task Demo)

In the near future we also uploading all academic school curriculum and live oral learnong stuff.

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I highly recommend parents and instructors to fully utilize the features of this program available at our website to help their children and students. This program is absolutely free with no hidden charge. They are also encouraged to upload any course customized by them according to specific needs of their children and pupils. Puzzle Game Find Number

     In the near future we also uploading all academic      school curriculum and live speech therapies.

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Please signup & login and enjoy multiple courses , tasks and stories for your Beginner kids and those are absolutely free.

In the near futures we are adding more helpful features which will make your kids excited and busy. You can load your own task and stories as well very friendly our site for all blessing kids

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